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Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Raising the Bar

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Flawless Network Designs

With 15+ years of experience, our team of experts works with you to determine the perfect network design for your organization. Whether you’re just starting your business or need a refresh of your current architecture, we analyze and implement the best plan for server setup and implementation, IP address requirements, and network devices, such as switches, routers, firewalls, and servers. As your company expands or moves locations, our team works with you to meet all of your infrastructure needs.

Dependable Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters can happen at any time. Storms, power outages, fires, and floods can cause devastating damage to companies who aren’t prepared when disaster strikes. We ensure you’re set up to handle anything that comes your way. With disaster recovery planning, we’ll create a secure, offsite server and file replication structure, technical plans for business continuity, and recovery point objects to help you get up and running immediately. Get a sense of security and relax by planning ahead.


Reliable Wi-Fi Coverage

Have you ever moved just a few feet and suddenly your Wi-Fi went out? Our team completes a comprehensive overview of your building to determine weak spots and implement solutions to ensure solid, uninterrupted access to Wi-Fi hotspots throughout your building. We work to eliminate weak spots and dead zones to boost your signal for everyone. We work closely to determine proper bandwidth based on your employee’s needs to help increase both speed and productivity.

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